40 Book Club

I'm glad to see you join us for a celebration of books!

By becoming a participant in the Payson Jr. High School 40 Book Club Challenge, you will set goals, learn how to reach them, discover new genres, and, if you read at least 40 books during the school year, you will be eligible to join us at the Payson Pool for a

Pool Party and Pizza Bash!

The books you choose to read should be on your reading level and appropriate for junior high school. They need to also be books you've not read before, so it's a great opportunity to EXPLORE.

Your teacher MAY require you to read at least TWO books from TEN different genres. The remaining TWENTY books are up to you.

Books read for the 40 Book Club also count toward your Reading Log, so be sure to enter the book title, author, and number of pages on your log.

Your teacher MAY require and online Book Report to qualify your reading for the 40 Book Club


For EVERY book you read, 
come to the library and fill out a form that will enter you into the 
weekly drawings

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